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In this book we give you the step-by-step marketing plan to lock your place within the greatest opportunity to ever hit the fitness industry.

Right now there are over 76 million Boomers moving into their golden years with no intention of “growing old and weak" watching the world go by. 

They want to continue to work if they want to, contribute to society, volunteer, travel, spend time with their kids and grandkids. They want to do all these things, which is why they understand and want what fitness can give them. 

 ...AND they have the money to pay for it. 
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Nisan - Author, Fitness Preacher, Co-Founder of TrotFitness

"Dr. Dan Ritchie is a real expert working alongside baby boomers in the health and fitness industry. The coaching strategies he's shared has attributed to working with 40 Fit Body Forever Clients within 60 days of the program start. Before starting Fit Body Forever, during non-peak training hours, our doors were closed and the studio was silent. Now, we are helping some of the most loyal clients on the planet (at ages 55 and up) instead of twiddling our thumbs waiting for the next boot camp session to roll in. Dr. Ritchie, and his awesome program, became a much needed lifeline to not only being profitable in 2017, but also helping our fitness business have a lager impact in the local community we serve. Thank you!"
"Practical and Proven Advice"
Here's a Fraction of What You'll Learn...
  • When and where to market to the IDEAL Boomer clients and when NOT to so you don't waste your money (page 24)
  • The 2 online marketing methods that work best with older adults (page 29) 
  • The #1 concern people over 60 have about working with a personal trainer, and the way to overcome it immediately (page 20) Hint: it's NOT price!
  • The quirky little detail unique to marketing to mature adults and the simple sentence that turns it into your marketing advantage (page 18)
  • The single most important question to ask during your sales meeting and the one thing you should NEVER sell (page 39)
  • The one marketing decision that makes all your other marketing efforts work better, faster (page 36)
  • Five high-quality, proven effective, done-for-you marketing materials you can put to work in the next 30 days (page 45)
  • ...and more proven ways to get $2000-$6000+ long-term membership agreements they'll renew year after year!